New tap combo 4/6

Tap combo 4/6/20


Sorry again for the delay, but here is a new phrase to learn 🙂 This one isn’t a time step, it’s just 4 counts of 8 of a swinging combo. My challenge this week is to learn this footwork and find a piece of music you think suits it; that leaves tempo and groove up to you! Email me ( a clip of you tapping to the song of your choice when you feel ready; I promise nobody else will see these videos, just me and Thelms 🙂

Hope you’re all doing well, looking forward to seeing your videos!


Video clips of Zoom rehearsal

Hello Dancers,

I have posted two clips from the video I recorded yesterday during our session. As you can see, there are many obstacles to my goal of recording our dance through a zoom gathering. I’m not giving up. Even if it’s only a clip of Pass me by and we don’t record Papa Loves Mambo right now, I want to keep trying. As you can see for yourself, aside from the fact that I recorded the footage on my phone from the computer, the following factors need to be considered.

  1. I need to see your whole body, or at least your smiling faces.
  2. The less distractions in your background, the better.
  3. Watch out for lighting that puts you in the dark.
  4. Keep dancing, even if you forget the steps.
  5. Try to figure out how to stop your video so the only people being recorded are those dancing.

I realize that remembering your dance is not a high priority during this crisis. We will reconnect when possible and actually practice and perform this at some point. What I was hoping for was footage that shows the efforts being made to stay connected. I don’t expect a finished product – just a glimpse into the process.

Don’t lose your sense of humor. Weeks and months from now we’ll watch these videos and laugh! Your commitment and effort warms my heart and inspires me to stay positive. Pull out your costumes for next week’s session and we’ll do the best we can.



3/23 Check in

Hey everyone!

Back again with a couple new videos. It was nice to see some of you on zoom the other day and I’m happy to hear that everyone is safe and doing well under the circumstances 🙂

Here are two new ideas to work on this week; a beginner/intermediate cramproll/paddle idea, and an advanced time step that is sure to be a big challenge! Hope you all enjoy them, and I look forward to seeing you doing the choreo soon!





Checking in!

Hi everyone!

I miss seeing you in class every week and hope you’re all staying safe and healthy through this crazy time. In the interest of staying sane and active I’ve put together a couple of videos that I hope you enjoy! My tap warmup should be familiar to my 8:00 dancers but of course all are welcome to follow along with it. The time step idea is a new brain-teaser that I hope you enjoy! This is new for me so please let me know if this format works or what else I can do to keep you all happy and dancing until we can reunite. Keep practicing our recital choreography too, we will have our time onstage eventually!!


Tap Warmup

Time Step ‘Class’


Video To Practice While We’re Closed

Hi everyone! We’re all so bummed we can’t dance together right now and even more bummed that our recital is on hold, for now! Thelma is trying to secure us space in the near future so we can have our recital as soon as it’s safe to do so! In the meantime, she recorded a video today of the Pass Me By dance and the 6 & 7 o’clock sections of Papa Loves Mambo so you all can keep practicing!

PS: She said she made a few mistakes and wants to see if anyone can pick them out! Send her an email if you find them!

Have fun and stay safe out there!


Sunday Rehearsal Videos 3/8/20

Hi Everyone,

With Sebi’s help I was finally able to load the videos from yesterday’s rehearsal. Thank you for your effort and dedication. I think these videos will help you understand the precision I’m looking for in Pass Me By and the complexity of Papa Loves Mambo. We have plenty of time to practice and tonight we will review and keep cleaning.  Thank you!