Happy Summer!

Hi Students and Friends,

I look forward to starting the summer session with a fun tap workout tonight. It has been a difficult spring for our family as Goldie’s cancer has returned and new treatments have been tried. Your positive thoughts and energy have been sincerely felt and appreciated by all of us. Because I know how much you care, I wanted to update everyone on Goldie’s status. Tonight is for dancing and I’d rather not spend any time away from having fun!

Shortly after the recital, Goldie underwent 10 full-brain radiation treatments. MRIs in February had led to a change in chemo-drug and then a subsequent MRI in April confirmed that the brain tumors were actively growing and multiplying and that the new drug was ineffective. Unfortunately, last week’s MRI showed that the radiation was not very effective. It did stop the tumors from growing but they did not shrink, as hoped. The CTscan also showed that the lung tumor has grown and several small spots have appeared in the lungs. Up until now, the lung cancer was in remission.

Tomorrow will begin standard chemotherapy treatment through an IV or port for 30 minutes with another treatment scheduled for 3 weeks from now. The results of MRI’s and CTscans in late July will determine what happens next. In the meantime, Goldie is in no discomfort and, except for lots of confusion and extreme fatigue, is able to enjoy eating, television and being with friends.  My oldest son Aaron and his family just left and Aaron and Petey will be coming back in July, along with Robin and baby, Sierra. This will allow me to be in NY for three nights. Sebi comes up whenever he can. Goldie’s strong network of friends give me time to go out as safety is the biggest worry. A fall would be devastating and Goldie is weak and unsteady and, of course, refuses to use a cane or a walker.  He has just started on Ritalin which is giving him a needed boost to his spirit and energy. My spirit and energy is fueled by you!

Thank you for your support and love. Keep your positive energy coming!

I look forward to dancing with you in class!



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