Discovery Day Update

Hi Dancers,

The weather report is favorable for Saturday so I hope more of you will sign up for our outdoor, annual performance at Discovery Day in Lexington.  I’ve missed seeing your smiling and loving faces and look forward to dancing with you on Saturday. We will meet at The Dance Inn on Saturday at 9:00 am to review the dance “Mercy” briefly. Then we will travel to the center at 9:30 and perform at about 10:00.  It will be fun to be together and to share our love for tap dance with an enthusiastic crowd. Wear a solid color top, any pants you want, and, if it’s cold, you can wear the jean tops. I have an extra jean jacket if anyone needs to borrow one.

On another note, I’m sorry I haven’t been able to be with you on Mondays. Goldie just finished 10 brain radiation treatments and we are seeing some improvement in his cognition. He still can’t be alone for more than brief times as he is experiencing extreme fatigue and can be unsteady at times. I’m hoping he’ll come down and cheer for us on Saturday. I know Nicole is enjoying your enthusiasm in class. Thank you for your support and the positive thoughts you are sending our way.

Thank you! I hope to see lots of you on Saturday morning!



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